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The Opportunity


Online Agronomists


Real-time Consultations

Global Market

500+ million
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High Demand

Farmers seek
advice as they can’t
“earn and learn”.
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Ag graduates (US alone)
> 530,000
In 2018.
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The Problems We Solve

  • Knowledge and experience comes at a price
  • Travel restrictions resulting in limited on-site visits
  • Global competition
  • Lack of consultant availability at short notice
  • Limited number of consultants in certain regions

What we can do

The Solution:
An Online Agronomist

  • A digital platform connecting agronomist to grower
  • Serving all types of growers
  • Budgetsto suit user requirements
  • Expertiserated and reviewed
  • Available worldwide and in various languages
  • Learnand advise
  • Interactivedata sharing

Ag-Consultancy Market

Precision Farming Market

CAGR (2019 – 2025)
  • Precision farming market is growing in all sub-sectors
  • Cost of consultancy favours the large farms
  • Large farms pay $6-9/ha/year
  • Small farms pay up to $100-150/hr

The market is predicted to grow
to $12 Bn by 2025

> 17%

Remote sensing

> 16%

Weather monitoring

> 16%

Field mapping


North American
industry share by 2025:

Latin American
market CAGR (2019 – 2025):

How It Works

Identify need

Choose agronomist


Acquire knowledge


Provide feedback






Secure payment


Knowledge at
your fingertips



The Strategy

  • Target market: all farmers, growers, nurseries and home-grower enthusiasts
  • Offering a mobile app and website platform – subscription and commission-based
  • Use social media and traction gained by YB AgTech companies
  • Collaboration with government agencies, educational institutes, farmers’ associations and non-profit organisations

Use our network of agronomists connected to YB AgTech through collaborative companies to launch initial database and recommend OLA to their clientele

Use existing business networks
in over 70+ countries and 5 continents

The Team

Johnathan Kol-Bar
Executive Chairman & CEO
Eli S Kol-Bar
GM I-Feeder Technologies
Mini Kol-Bar
Financial Control
Rahul Kanakgiri
Properties General Manager
Vlad Ivanchenko
SMM Manager
Johan van Zyl
Chief Operational Officer
Tobias Chang
CEO, YB Estates Limited
Gabriela Fernandes
Agronomist / Support
Justine Heap
Executive Assistant
Alexey Pylypenko
Group IT
Roman Bilotserkovets
Design Team Leader
Vladislav Manolii
Frontend Software Developer
Salvatore G. Verdoliva
Chief Agronomist
Kora Sifrer
Legal & Operations
Natalia Mendez
Agronomist / Support
Bobbie Smith
Legal & Operations
Kirill Rodin
Financial Analyst
Nikita Lazutnikov
UI/UX Designer
Vitaliy Niftayev
Algorithm Specialist
Moti Margalit Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer
Mitchel Marin Restrepo
Agronomist / Support
Edit Marton
Accounts Assistant
Illia Volha
Alexander Pantieienko
Andrew Lysak
Danny Murphy
Growth and Partnerships
Dino Maletta
Chief Financial Controller
Andres Hammer
Yellow Brick Innovations
Joel L. Cuello, Ph.D.
Advisor for Indoor Farming
Andrew Dai
Financial Analyst
Nazar Mirnyi
Algorithm Team Leader
Alexey Rozhmanov
Algorithm Specialist

Existing agronomy network

Our Affiliated Companies


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NW8 6RL, London, UK
+44 203 137 6699